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The Testimonials From Clients

SNPhysio always strives to perform to a high level. Asking patients to write testimonials is a method SNPhysio uses to receive feedback on the treatment delivered. Please take a look at a handful of testimonials describing their SNPhysio experience.


"I was referred to Shereena via BBC Occupational Health for a bad back and shoulder. After the first session there was a noticeable improvement and by the end of the sixth my back was so much better. Shereena has been the only person who has been able to make any kind of a difference to my back. She uses a mixture of exercise, acupuncture and massage. She takes care to demonstrate the exercises so that you know exactly what you have to do and then makes sure you are doing them properly before you go home."

"I've recommended Shereena to a number of friends because of her professional and friendly attitude."

G.D. / Broadcast Assistant - Radio 4 Documentaries 


"Shereena treated me for long-standing back and wrist problems over a number of months. She believes in treating the whole person and used a range of techniques to address the problem - including acupuncture and massage. The treatment was extremely effective and it was always a pleasure to see Shereena."

S.G. / Companies Editor - Financial Times 


"I have come to know Shereena though the FT where she is the resident physiotherapist. I have been to see her on two separate occasions, with a bad neck and later a possible trapped nerve in my upper back.

Shereena got to work on my problems in her usual professional and very sympathetic manner and after two or three visits both my injuries felt much better. I totally put my faith in her to help me and she always comes up trumps. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who is thinking of visiting her for treatment."

S.K. / Personal Assistant – Financial Times


"Before my treatment I was very anxious as I have sustained recurring ankle injuries, whilst playing football. During my first session Shereena made me feel very comfortable, locating the root cause of my injuries. After a successful course of treatment I am back playing football, feeling confident and injury free."

A.G. – Director of L.I.F.E Experience/ Footballer


"Shereena has done wonderful work to my back. Three months ago any stress made my chest feel like I was having heart attack and the pain would get so bad that I would result in taking pain killers 3 to 4 times a day. You have made me feel like I have a new body. I have been extremely stressed but instead of the severe pain in my chest and back I have had only a burning across my shoulders which is a great improvement. I am extremely grateful to you and I just wanted you to know that you are brilliant at what you do. Thank you for your time and patience and should I ever need you I hope you will still be here."

S.F - NHS Administrator